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epoxy lab countertops

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ACRYLIC Pegboards
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Price From $1,081.00 to $1,510.94
EPOXY Resin Countertops
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EPOXY Resin Pegboard
Price From $171.00 to $1,011.00
PHENOLIC Resin Pegboard
Price From $131.00 to $521.00
STAINLESS Steel Pegboards
Price From $271.00 to $721.00

Welcome to Blackland Manufacturing

At Blackland Manufacturing, we’ll make sure that you have plenty of workspace and storage in your laboratory with our lab glasswork drying rack, balance tables, and mobile lab tables. With over 20 years of experience in laboratory top design, resin lab furniture design and materials specification, our company is proud to offer a wide array of laboratory countertops, including phenolic resin countertops, epoxy resin counter tops and stainless steel lab countertops. We also stock the highest quality epoxy, lab drying rack, and safety cabinets to help you transform your science lab environment into an effective workspace. Whether you are building a new laboratory or just looking for new balance tables and chemical resistant laminate for your current lab, we are positioned to assist you with epoxy pegboards today.

Our dedicated laboratory consultants at Blackland Manufacturing bring years of top epoxy lab design services that are responsive to the present needs of the industry and capable of accommodating future changes. With the most cost-effective solutions for your new and existing renovations, the consultants at Blackland Manufacturing will provide you with the best epoxy resin countertops, lab drying racks, pegboards, and safety cabinets available. Please browse our selection of innovative laboratory top solutions that are structured to meet the laboratory requirements for your industry. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our product selection. Contact us to place an order for new laboratory countertops and other lab accessories today!