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Epoxy Resin Drop-In Sinks

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Our BLACK Epoxy Resin Drop-In Sinks are top mounted and Ideal for most laboratory applications, and offer the highest chemical resistance and withstand very high temperatures. Epoxy Resin Drop-In Sinks come with the following drain options: (Center Drain, Corner Drain or End Drain) and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

With chemistry and biology lab equipment from Blackland Manufacturing, you can outfit your classroom laboratory with the safest and most efficient products. Resin sinks, or lab sinks, play an integral part in the furnishing process. No chemistry or biology lab will be complete without one!

Chemistry and biology lab equipment is easy to install and is most definitely essential to maintaining a safe workspace. Lab sinks aid in the cleaning up of chemicals. Whether they are used to collect excess chemicals or simply used to wash hands after experiments, the lab cannot be without a sink!

Drop-in lab sinks are usually resin sinks that do not take away from the work space of the overall lab. Contact us for more details about the lab sinks offered. We can help you find the correct sink to furnish your lab at BlacklandMFG.com today.

For custom sink colors and sizes, Request a Quote or please email us at sales@blacklandmfg.com

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