Balance Tables

Every laboratory needs a balance table. Especially when the work you are completing deals with highly-sensitive, calibrated materials. These thick, heavy-duty resin table top balance tables are designed to handle and withstand all types of corrosive, destructive, flammable and harsh lab materials.

These balance table supplies also serve as an anti vibration table. Again, this is to better stabilize any calibrated materials or instrumentation with which you are working. The anti vibration table serves to maintain the materials and instruments without disruption, protecting the work from errors and protecting you from harm.

The resin table top works in combination with the stability to protect you and the workspace. Should the table top have materials dropped or spilled onto it, clean-up is made easy and safe. The rest of the laboratory will not become affected with a balance table made to handle that type of work. Browse through our selection of balance tables for your lab today!

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