Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets play an important role in the laboratory. You cannot afford to maintain a lab setting without one! From storing hazardous materials to keeping materials separated and safely put aside, lab safety cabinets are designed for just as their name implies: safety. These lab cabinets are for not only your own peace of mind, but they work to keep others in the lab and outside of the lab area safe, too.

Lab safety cabinets are available in more than one size and style. There are various dimensions to choose from, as well as options for the number of shelves, the door mechanism and the type of materials that will be housed inside. Depending on your needs, we will have the lab cabinets unit that is best suited for you and your lab.

The lab cabinets available through are FM approved and comply with agency approvals for all solvents. The safety cabinets also comply with codes set by OSHA, NFPA, SEFA and UFC. Shop now for the most reliable lab cabinets to store and secure your materials!

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