Peg Boards - Lab Drying Racks

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From preparing to outfit a laboratory in the early stages, or for replacing supplies in an established lab, Blackland Manufacturing has the products you’ll need. If the lab is just starting out, it’s important to remember the lab drying racks. No lab setting should be without one! From acrylic pegboards to stainless steel and epoxy resin to phenolic resin, such an instrument is crucial to the upkeep of the lab.

Choose from acrylic pegboards, or pegboards made of epoxy resin or stainless steel. If the complete pegboard, or lab drying rack, is not what you are in the market for, there are also supplemental items that go along with the rack – like replacement pegs. The pegs available come in an assortment of colors and sizes, as well as materials. Much like their counterparts, the pegs come in acrylic, epoxy resin and stainless steel.

For everything you need, as well as everything your lab drying rack will need, turn to Blackland Manufacturing. We have the supplies you can depend on for every laboratory project!

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