Safety Cabinets

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Safety Storage Cabinets:  Acid / Corrosive Storage Cabinets
  Solvent Storage Cabinets


  • All cabinets feature heavier 14-gauge steel doors.
  • Heavy duty knuckle hinges never need replacing and allow doors to be removed, if necessary.
  • Ergonomic flush mounted paddle handles reduce the possibility of clothing snags by users.
  • Manual, self-close and bi-fold door closure styles are available.


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Blackland Mfg. provides Solvent Cabinets and Flammable Cabinets in Yellow and Acid Cabinets in Blue to comply with laboratory safety regulations.

Blackland Manufacturing now provides high performance Solvent storage cabinets that securely contain hazardous materials within sturdy, all welded 14-18-gauge steel.

These cabinets provide many added safety and security features and are Blackland reliable.


Sidewall doors, top and bottom are double walled with 3.81cm (11⁄2") of air insulation to guard against external combustion; a must for acid cabinets and solvent cabinet construction. 

Our advanced welding method provides smooth transitions free from sharp edges which could cause hand injury and snag clothing. Non-pooling galvanized steel shelves capture small spills. A leak tight, 5.08 cm (2") sump safely contains larger spills. Trilingual warning label (English, Spanish, French) are standard.


Heavy-duty paddle handle automatically self-latches to encourage complete door closure and maintains the fire protection integrity of our Acid and Solvent cabinets.

Lockable doors with two keys included. Tamper proof closing mechanism includes a three-point latching system.


Acid and Solvent Resistant Cabinets, lead-free powder paint finishes. Heavy Duty hinges. Simply the best in Acid Cabinet, Flammable Cabinet and Solvent Cabinet construction.


Our Solvent Storage Cabinets and Acid Storage Cabinets are available with manual or self-closing doors. Self-close door models meet the Uniform Fire Code and feature a fusible link which melts at 73.9°C (165°F) for automatic closure.

Shelves adjust on 5.71(2 1⁄4") centers to accommodate various sized containers up to 158.76 kg (350lbs). Cabinet includes two 5.08 cm (2") vents with built-in flame arresters and grounding connector on outside door panel.

All Solvent storage Cabinets, Flammable Cabinets and Acid Storage Cabinets are Blackland quality, FM approved and backed by a 10-year warranty.


Agency Approvals: All Solvent, Flammable and Acid cabinets are FM Approved. Compliant with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106, NFPA Code 30, sec. 4.3.3 & SEFA 11. Self-close door styles meet UFC 79.

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